Authentic Hand-Woven Mayan Hammocks
The most comfortable design in the world, crafted from premium
materials, by indigenous artisans with a lifetime of experience!
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Store Link Why own a hammock?
There's nothing like being in a hammock - relaxes you instantly! Don't wait for a vacation... grab a bowl of ice cream, a beer, or a good book, and head to your hammock for a one hour vacation today!

Hammocks are small, lightweight and portable. They are equally awesome indoors and the bedroom, on a porch, in the park, on a boat, at a tailgate party or camping...anywhere at anytime you want to chill! Replaces traditional beds where space is limited, such as dorm rooms.
Weekends are for hammocks - if you don't own one, you're missing out!!
Why Mayan hammocks?
We've tried every design available and we've even designed a few of our own, but this is the hammock we've been reccomending to friends and family for years! Mayans are experts because hammocks have been a part of their everyday life for centuries. Most Mayans are birthed in a hammock and sleep in one their entire life! A woven design allows air flow around the body, unlike solid fabric hammocks. It's a design that naturally conforms to your body, giving you that soothing cradled feeling, unlike "spreader bar" hammocks which are unstable, and force your body to lay flat. Other woven designs with thicker cord and knotted patterns just aren't as comfy.
Why buy from us?
We're a small family business, we're a hammock family, and we're passionate about helping you get the right hammock! A smaller business makes it possible to pay fair value for artisan's work and still provide you with competitive prices. We only provide hammocks from well established suppliers that have a reputation for adhering to Fair Trade principles and exhibit ethical manufacturing practices.
Hammock construction and care:
Our hammocks are handmade in the Yucatan by Mayan artisans, using over a mile of premium quality 70%/30% cotton/nylon cordage (soft all natural cotton for comfort with just enough nylon to add durability and control fraying). However, support lines are 100% nylon for added strength. The colors are vibrant and the finished hammocks feel soft and inviting! The size we sell is commonly refered to as double or queen - roomy for one or cozy for two.